Install EiskaltDC++ on CentOS 6.5

EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect and ADC protocols. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also interoperates with all common DC hub software.

Download the latest russianfedora-free-release rpm from here and follow our installation process.

# cd /tmp

# wget

# rpm -Uvh russianfedora-free-release*rpm

I got an error message : puias-release >= 6 is needed by russianfedora-free-release-6-3.R.noarch, you need to install “puias-release-6-2.R.noarch.rpm” first then install russianfedora-free-release rpm.

# wget

# rpm -Uvh puias-release-6-2.R.noarch.rpm

# rpm -Uvh russianfedora-free-release*rpm

Finally install eiskaltdcpp-gtk rpm package:

# yum install eiskaltdcpp-gtk

--Asterisk-- - EiskaltDC++ Gtk_004

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