How to Connect SSH, SFTP and FTP Servers using Nautilus ubuntu 13.04

In this article i am going to show you how to connect SSH, SFTP and FTP servers using Nautilus in ubuntu 13.04. Please follow the procedure given below. Open Nautilus Location Bar (open your home folder) and goto the “File” menu then select “Enter Location” option.


For SSH, use:

ssh:[email protected]

For FTP, use:

ftp:[email protected]

For SFTP, use:

sftp:[email protected]

Note: Replace username and server address with your username and server address. I you want to specify your password manually, change the above like:

For SSH, use:

ssh://username:[email protected]

For FTP, use:

ftp://username:[email protected]

For SFTP, use:

sftp://username:[email protected]


First time, It may ask you to verify the identity of the server. Click on “Log in Anyway” to continue.

You will be prompted for a password if needed. Enter your passwordand hit “Connect” button.

That’s it. you are connected to the remote server.

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